Valencian comic heroes

El Guerrero del Antifaz, Roberto Alcazar y Pedrín, Marco Antonio, La Patrulla X, Pumby, Iron Man, Vampirella, La pandilla de los 7, Pequeño Pantera Negra... These characters have marked the childhood of many generations. Cartoonists narrate their beginnings, their evolution, successes and dearths. Herois del Tebeo Valencià is a documentary film that covers the 100 years of comic in Valencia, from the origins of the comic book to the latest digital fanzines. A well-deserved tribute to all the cartoonists who are often unfairly forgotten and who with their comics managed to develop the imagination, transmit the cultures of other countries and teach millions of Spaniards to read. The testimonies of these great artists show that the real heroes were not their characters, were them.

61 min.